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Pneumatic Parallel 2-Jaw Grippers with High Gripper Force

DPG Parallel Gripper - Compact & Robust Design

Pneumatic Parallel 2-Jaw Grippers with High Gripper Force | DPG Parallel Gripper - Compact & Robust Design

Pneumatic Parallel 2-Jaw Grippers with High Gripper Force

343,00 DPG-10M-1

  • 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper Available in 4 Stroke Lengths
  • Pneumatic Grippers Can be Mounted and Operated in Any Orientation
  • Highly Configurable Modular Automation— Exclusive Direct Connect™ Robohand Technology Provides Multiple Mounting Options
  • Compact & Robust Design with High Gripper Force
  • Fail Safe Spring Assist Hold Jaws Closed with Loss of Air Pressure
  • Up to 5 million Cycles in Typical Life Cycle
  • Temperature Operating Range -35 to 80°C
  • Non-Synchronous and Single Jaw Motion
  • Precission Gripper - Repeatability and Accuracy of ±0.05 mm
  • Highly Configurable Modular Automation
  • Multiple Air Port Locations
  • Operates Under Pressure Range of 3 to 7 Bar
  • System Requires Air Filtration of 40 Micron or Better
  • 4 Way, 2 Position Valve Required
  • Gripper Finger Tooling is Customer Responsibility
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Click on this link if you need more information about a pneumatic gripper.

DPG Series Pneumatic Gripper is a parallel 2-jaw gripper with excellent parallelism and accuracy between the gripper mounting surface and jaw surface. Jaws can be mounted on the bottom or side and are supported throughout the length of the body to make this gripper an extremely robust, yet compact, design. They are also available with optional spring assist ("-C" option) on the close stroke to prevent the part from being dropped in case there is a loss of air pressure. They are available in stroke lengths from 6.4 to 25.4 mm with a gripper force of 222 N. The DPG pneumatic gripper shielded design allows this gripper to be used in harsh environments.

The DPG pneumatic gripper is a modular component and can be mounted to DLT Linear slides or DRG Rotary Actuators without additional adaptor plates. They can be mounted on the top or side and have air ports on the top, side and front to support mounting and operation in any direction. Top manifold air ports can be used to help eliminate tubing and fittings at the gripper location. Accessory mounting slots make it easy to add magneto sensors and inductive sensor kits are available, the grippers have built in slots for inductive sensor targets.

Pneumatic linear motion automation components are double acting air cylinders that require a dry air supply with filtering to 40 microns or better. For best control of pneumatic components, flow control valves (regulating out) should be installed to regulate the speed of the device. Position sensors can easily be added to motion components to detect the end of travel positions of the slides, they are the standard method of communication with the PLC and are available in inductive or magneto resistive sensing styles and come in both PNP or NPN sourcing signals.

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Stock: 7 semaines  
Pneumatic Gripper with 6.4mm (0.25") stroke
Stock: 1 semaine  
Pneumatic Gripper with spring assist and 6.4mm (.025") stroke
Stock: 7 semaines  
Pneumatic Gripper with 12.7mm (0.50") stroke
Stock: 7 semaines  
Pneumatic Gripper with spring assist and 12.7mm (0.50") sroke
Stock: 1 semaine  
Pneumatic Gripper with 19.1mm (0.75") stroke
Stock: 1 semaine  
Pneumatic Gripper with spring assist and 19.1mm (0.75") stroke
Stock: 1 semaine  
Pneumatic Gripper with 25.4mm (.1.00") stroke
Stock: 7 semaines  
Pneumatic Gripper with spring assist and 25.4mm (1.00") stroke
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Noter: Add suffix "-C" to model number if requesting spring closed configuration.