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Variable Speed and Fixed Peristaltic Pumps

FPU2000, FPUVS2000, FPUDV2000

 | FPU2000, FPUVS2000, FPUDV2000

970,00 FPUDVS2003

Garantie 1 an
  • Peristaltic Pump Tube Does Not Require Valves
  • Self Priming
  • High Outlet Pressure Capability of 100 psig on Most Models
  • Acceptable for Indoor Use
  • Corrosion Proof Valox Housing
  • Tamper Resistant Electronic Control Panel Cover
  • Tube Failure Detection
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The FPU2000 series has been discontinued. Please see the FPU2000A Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

The FPU2000 Series fixed pumps feed by an analog fixed 60 second timer. The pump can be on for 1 to 60 seconds. All FPU2000 Series have fixed speed outputs and can be adjusted by selecting the pumphead tube size and choosing the desired RPM (revolutions per minute).

The FPUVS2000 and FPUDVS2000 Series variable speed pumps are for continuous pumping relatively pulse free, even while adjusting the percentage of output. The variable speed pump requires the use of brushes on the DC motor. Excellent brush life expectancy (2000 hours). An extra set of brushes included with every pump.

The FPUDVS2000 Series will accept any one of three different types of external input signals; 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 Vdc, or frequency. The 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 10 Vdc loops must be powered. Two types of frequency inputs, AC sine waves (magnetic coils type outputs) and digital square waves (Hall Effect signals, contact closures), are acceptable. A jumper plug located on the circuit board is factory pre-set for AC sine wave signals, the jumper must be re-positioned when digital square wave signals are being used. All wiring connections are to be made inside of the junction box located on the side of the FPUDVS2000 Series.

A liquid tight connector is supplied and should be used for the external signal cable. The signal input wires are color coded to the type of signal being used.

Maximum Working Pressure: 100 psig/6.9 bar (most models)
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 54°C (130°F)
Ambient Temperature Range: -10 to 43°C (14 to 110°F)
Enclosure: NEMA 3R (IP24) (acceptable for indoor use)
Pump Tube Material: Norprene
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Maximum Solids: 50% by volume
Maximum Viscosity: 5000 Centipoise
Maximum Suction Lift: Up to 9 m (30') water
Turn Down Ratio: 20:1
Power Requirements: 115 V 60 Hz 80 Watts, 220 V 50 Hz 40 Watts, 230 V 60 Hz 45 Watts
Variable Speed: 115 V 60 Hz 40 Watts, 220 V 50 Hz 40 Watts, 230 V 60 Hz 40 Watts
Dimensions: 155.6 H x 257.2 W x 228.6 mm D (618 x 1018 x 9")
Variable Speed: 159 H x 254 W x 235 mm D (6¼ x 10 x 9¼")
Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb)
Tube Connection: Compression barb type (38" ID x ¼" OD)
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Code d'article/ Desc.
Peristaltic Pumps
Fixed Timer Control
FPU2006 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Max Feed Rate: 42 ml/min (16 GPD)
FPU2010 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Max Feed Rate: 138 ml/min (52.5 GPD)
Variable Speed - Standard Percentage
FPUVS2002 Star
Consultez le Service de ventes  
Max Feed Rate: 13 ml/min (4.9 GPD)
FPUVS2005 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Max Feed Rate: 28 ml/min (6.8 GPD)
Variable Speed - Digital Percentage Controllers
FPUDVS2005 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Max Feed Rate: 28 ml/min (6.8 GPD)
FPUDVS2007 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Max Feed Rate: 63 ml/min (24 GPD)
FPUDVS2008 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Max Feed Rate: 79 ml/min (30.1 GPD)
FPU1000-AB Star
Stock: 4 semaines
Quantity 2, armature bearings
FPU1000-IF Star
Stock: 4 semaines
Injection fitting
FPU2000-14PTA Star
Stock: 1 semaine
1/4" OD pump tube assembly
FPU2000-38PTA Star
Stock: 1 semaine
3/8" OD pump tube assembly
FPU2000-716PTA Star
Stock: 4 semaines
7/16" OD pump tube assembly
FPU2000-CW Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Ceramic weight
FPU2000-PH Star
Stock: 4 semaines
Pump head
FPU2000-PHB Star
Stock: 4 semaines
Pump head cover with bearing
FPU2000-RA Star
Stock: 4 semaines
Roller assemblies for 1/4 and 3/8" tube models
FPU2000-716RA Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Roller assemblies for the 7/16" tube model
FPU2000-SP Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Strainer plug
FPU2000-TN Star
Stock: 4 semaines
Tube nut (3/8")
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Noter: Comes complete with suction tube strainer, tube weight, suction tubing, discharge tubing and injection fitting with internal back-flow check valve, mounting hardware, and operator’s manual.

FPUVS and FPUDVS come with an additional set of brushes.

For optional CE approved 220 Vac/50Hz add suffix "-220/50" to model number, no additional charge.

For optional CE approved 230 Vac/60 Hz model add suffix "-230/60" to model number, no additional charge.

Note: 220 Vac/50Hz fixed speed models output approximately 20% less.

Exemple de commande: (1) FPUDVS2007 Digital Peristaltic Pump, €970,00

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(1) Variable Speed Select:
Rien (champ vide de congé) pour None
VS pour Standard Percentage
DVS pour Digital percentage controller

(2) Max Feed Rate Select:
01 pour 6 ml/min (2.3 GPD)
02 pour 13 ml/min (4.9 GPD)
03 pour 21 ml/min (8 GPD)
04 pour 25 ml/min (9.5 GPD)
05 pour 18 ml/min (6.8 GPD)
06 pour 42 ml/min (16 GPD)
07 pour 63 ml/min (24 GPD)
08 pour 79 ml/min (30.1 GPD)
09 pour 57 ml/min (21.7 GPD)
10 pour 138 ml/min (52.5 GPD)
11 pour 200 ml/min (76.1 GPD)
12 pour 250 ml/min (95.1 GPD)

(3) Additional Option Select:
Rien (champ vide de congé) pour None
-220/50 pour 220 Vac/50Hz model
-230/60 pour 230 Vac/60 Hz model
Noter: Quelques combinaisons pourraient ne pas Être valides, please verify with la notice technique de coulée pour les Codes d'articles valides.