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SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control

HUB 444

SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control | HUB 444

SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control

292,00 HUB 444 DIN RAIL

  • Networks All Applied Motion Stepper or Servo Si™ Products for Multi-Axis Motion Applications
  • For Real-Time Execution of Commands Downloaded from a Host PC or PLC Using the Si Command Language™ (SCL)
  • Programmable for Stand-Alone Single or Multi-Axis Operations with Easy-to-Use SiNet Hub Programmer™ Windows Software (Software and Programming Cable Included)
  • Can Also Act as a Router, Allowing a Host Computer or PLC to Control 1 to 4 Drives and the On-Board I/O Using Si Command Language™ (SCL)
  • Communication via RS232
  • 4 Optically Isolated Programmable Inputs, 5 to 24 Vdc
  • 4 Optically Isolated Programmable Outputs, 24 Vdc, 100 mA
  • Hub Programs and Host Computers Also Have Access to the I/O in Each Drive, Typically 8 Inputs and 3 Outputs per Drive
  • Screw Terminal Connectors Make I/O Wiring Easy
  • RJ11 "Telephone-Style" Connectors for Drives and PC for Easy, Reliable Connections
  • Powered by Drive #1, No External Power Supply Required
  • Can Control and Power Optional MMI (Operator Terminal)
  • Optional DIN Rail Mounting Kit Makes Installation Easy
  • Sample Motion Programs Available by Request
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Find how a Stepper motor works on this link.

The SiNet™ Hub 444 allows up to 4 Stepper or Servo Si™ drives to be controlled in host mode from a single PC or PLC’s RS232 serial port or will run in stand-alone mode. Each indexer-drive acquires its unique address from the port to which it is connected. This simple addressing scheme minimizes the cost of the drives, and more importantly, the cost of configuring and/or replacing drives in your system. Connections are made with low cost, reliable RJ11 cabling. Any of our popular, cost effective programmable Stepper or Servo Si™ drives or Si™ motor controls can be used with the SiNet™ Hub 444. By choosing the power level and features you need for each axis of your application, SiNet™ can provide a cost effective single or multi-axis motion solution. The SiNet™ Hub 444 is powered by the drive that’s connected to port #1, saving you the cost and installation expense of using a separate power supply. Our Si Command Language™ (SCL) allows a host PC or PLC to execute relative, absolute and homing moves, make status inquiries, sample inputs, set outputs, and more. If your application requires a single axis to operate in "host mode", you can connect any of our programmable Si™ drives directly to your PC via the SiNet™ Hub 444 and invoke the Si Command Language™ (SCL). Our SiNet Programmer™ Windows software allows the user to create and store multi-axis motion control programs in the SiNet™ Hub 444 and run them without a PC, thus allowing the user to create a complex multi-axis motion system controlled from an operator interface or trigger.
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Stock: 5 semaines
Multi-axis network hub with DIN rail mounting kit
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Noter: Software and drive cables are included.