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pH/ORP Preamplifiers | PHTX-21/22/23

pH/ORP Preamplifiers

61,00 PHTX-21

  • Send pH Electrode Signal 1,000 Feet Over Ordinary, Wire and Connectors or Coaxial Cable.
  • Interface pH Electrodes Directly with Inexpensive mV Meters and Recorders or Sophisticated Process Controllers and Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Extend Useful Life of pH Electrodes.
  • Available With/Without Automatic Temperature Compensation.
Électrodes et instrumentation pH industriels - Voir Les Produits Associés


OmegA’s PHTX-20 series Preamps are unity gain preamplifiers which convert the high impedance mV signal of a pH or ORP electrode to a low impedance signal. This signal can travel up to 1,000 feet using ordinary wire and connectors to high impedance input pH meters and controllers (such as OMEGA’s PHCN-37 vol. 29 pH and Conductivity Handbook, page 84) , and to standard Process Meters and Controllers such as the DP24-E and DP41-E which could not otherwise interface with the high impedance signal. In many applications the PHTX-20 series Preamps will be able to extend the useful life of expensive pH electrodes. By lowering the output impedance of ageing electrodes, the PHTX20 allows them to continue to function and provide a measurable signal. The PHTX-21 is powered by lithium batteries with an estimated life of 5 years when used with high input impedance instruments. The electronics are entirely encapsulated in an epoxy filled stainless steel enclosure. The input and output connections are industry standard BNC. The output can be split from coaxial to separated leads with the 3073 adapter. The PHTX-22 is a 10-40 volt dc powered preamp. Power can be provided by the excitation of a process meter (such as the DP24-E) or the optional PSU-12V power supply. The electrodes are entirely encapsulated in a compact epoxy filled enclosure designed for easy mounting in a manufacturing process. The PHTX-22 offers redundant outputs from either a BNC connection, terminal strip or both at the same time. The PHTX-23-ATC is the same as the PHTX-22 (above) with the added feature of Automatic Temperature Compensation. With the output of a PHTX-23-ATC automatically compensated for temperature variations, it is possible to use an inexpensive but sophisticated process meter or controller such as the DP24, DP25, DP41 series to monitor and control pH in place of more expensive dedicated pH units. The Automatic Temperature Compensating element required is a 1,000 Ohm RTD. (ATC is not used on ORP measurements.)
Common Specifications
Output Offset: 1 mV typical; 2 mV max. which corresponds to .033 pH
Input Impedance: 10 to the 13 Ohms
Output Impedance: 20K Ohms
Output Voltage: -2000 mV to +2000 mV
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C
PHTX-21 Internal Battery Powered Model
Dimensions: 95.25 L x 17.8 cm D (3.75" x 0.7")
Weight: 5.7 g (2 oz.)
Battery Life: Approximately 5 Years
PHTX-22, PHTX-23-ATC External Powered Dual Output Model
Power: 10 to 40 Vdc
Dimensions: 38.1 H x 76.2 W x 38.1 mm D (1.5 x 3 x 1.5")

Please download the PDF file below for full product specifications
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Cliquez pour agrandir / réduire une liste d'achat connexePHTX-21
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pH Preamplifier, single output, battery powered
Conformes RoHS
Cliquez pour agrandir / réduire une liste d'achat connexePHTX-22
Stock: En stock  
pH Preamp, 10 to 40 Vdc powered
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Stock: 1 semaine  
pH Preamp, 10 to 40 Vdc, Auto Temp Comp
Conformes RoHS
Stock: 1 semaine  
BNC to Banana Plug adapter
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Stock: En stock  
4.01 pH buffer solution 475 ml bottle
Conformes RoHS
Stock: En stock  
7.01 pH buffer solution 475 ml bottle
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