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Sanitary Thermistor Probes with Cable for Clean-In-Place Applications

THS-H-CB-120 Series

Sanitary Thermistor Probes with Integral Cable | THS-H-CB-120 Series

Sanitary Thermistor Probes with Integral Cable

  • 1/4" Diameter Probe Design for Standard Duty, or
    3/8" to 3/16" Stepped Probe Design For Heavy Duty Applications
  • Std. Process Connection is a 1½"-16 AMP Tri-Grip™ (Tri-Clamp® Compatible) Standard Conforming to ASME BPE-2007 to Assure Trouble-Free Interchangeability.
  • Sensor Can be Used in Sanitary, Hygienic and Clean-In-Place Food, Dairy, Beverage and BioPharmaceutical Processes
  • 316L SS Wetted Surfaces with 32 µin or Better Finish
  • Includes 2 Conductor, #26AWG Stranded Nickel Plated Copper, PFA Insulated and Jacketed 10'' Cable with Strain Relief Standard
  • 10kΩ (at 25°C) Thermistor Element (44006) Standard
  • -80 to 150°C (-112 to 302°F) temperature Range
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Find how Sanitary Sensors works on this link.

The OMEGA™ THS-S-CB and THS-H-CB Series Thermistor Sensors are designed for use in Sanitary or Hygienic Clean-in-Place applications in the Food, Dairy, Beverage and BioPharmaceutical industries. These sensors are manufactured with 316L stainless steel housings that meet the dimensional requirements of the ASME BPE-2007 Standard, and are welded and processed to provide a clean, smooth, 32microinch or better surface finish in the wetted areas for easy cleaning.

In addition to the standard 1½-16AMP process connection, these can be provided in the following sizes and styles:
Process ConnectionModel Number Code
1" and 1½"-16AMP-D1-

If you need a process connection that is not listed above, please contact our sales department for availability.

The probe stems are manufactured in two configurations; with a standard ¼" diameter probe for standard duty service, and a stepped 3/8" to 3/16" diameter probe design for good response times in heavy duty applications.

The integral cable with molded strain relief allows for easy and direct connection to your instrumentation. These sensors are also available in RTD and Thermocouple styles to accommodate any process input requirement. In addition to the standard 1½-16AMP flange design, these can be provided in a wide variety of flange sizes and styles. If you need something a little (or a lot) different, we can accommodate your needs.

This sensor is stocked with the 10,000 Ω thermistor standard, but is available in any of the following resistances:

Sensor Code Resistance @ 25°C Element Series
2K 2252 Ω 44004
3K 3000 Ω 44005
5K 5000 Ω 44007
10K 10,000 Ω 44006
30K 30,000 Ω 44008

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Code d'article/ Desc.
Standard Duty ¼" Diameter Probe Design
Stock: 6 semaines
3in. Standard Duty Probe
Consultez le Service de ventes  
4in. Standard Duty Probe
Consultez le Service de ventes  
5in. Standard Duty Probe
Consultez le Service de ventes  
6in. Standard Duty Probe
Heavy Duty 3/8" to 3/16" Diameter Probe Design
Stock: 6 semaines
3in. Heavy Duty Probe
Stock: 6 semaines
4in. Heavy Duty Probe
Stock: 6 semaines
5in. Heavy Duty Probe
Stock: 6 semaines
6in. Heavy Duty Probe
Tous les Montants indiqués Dans EUR
  • For other than the standard 1½-16AMP process connection, change "-D1-" in the model number to the code for the alternate process connection option listed above the "To Order" table and add $20 to the price
  • For standard duty probe lengths longer than 6", change "-0600" in model number to the required length (example: 12" = "-1200", 9¼" = "-0925") and add $1 per inch to the price (up to 24 inches).
  • For heavy duty probe lengths longer than 6", change "-0600" in model number to the required length (example: 12" = "-1200", 9¼" = "-0925") and add $2.50 per inch to the price (up to 24 inches).
  • For cable lengths longer than 10' (120"), change the "-120" in model number to the desired length in inches and add $1 per foot to the price.
  • For probe lengths longer then 24 inches, please contact Customer Service.


     Constructeur de référence

    Construisez votre numéro de pièce ci-dessous
    Descriptions des options de:

    (1) Thermistor Type Select:
    10K pour 10000 Ohms at 25C
    2K pour 2252 Ohms at 25C
    3K pour 3000 Ohms at 25C
    5K pour 5000 Ohms at 25C
    30K pour 30000 Ohms at 25C

    (2) Probe Diameter Select:
    S pour Standard Duty 1/4 inch
    H pour Heavy Duty 3/8 to 3/16 inch stepped probe

    (3) Probe Length Select:
    0300 pour 3 inch length
    0400 pour 4 inch length
    0500 pour 5 inch length
    0600 pour 6 inch length

    (4) Sanitary Flange (Cap) Size Select:
    D1 pour 1-1/2 inch Tri-Grip Flange (standard)
    B1 pour 3/4 inch 16AMP Tri-Grip Flange
    E1 pour 2 inch 16AMP Tri-Grip Flange
    F1 pour 2-1/2 inch 16AMP Tri-Grip Flange
    G1 pour 3 inch 16AMP Tri-Grip Flange
    H1 pour 4 inch 16AMP Tri-Grip Flange

    (5) Lead Wire Cable Length Select:
    120 pour 120 inch/10 ft (standard)
    144 pour 144 inch/12 ft
    180 pour 180 inch/15 ft
    240 pour 240 inch/20 ft
    Notez: Toutes les combinaisons peuvent ne pas être valables, vérifiez la fiche technique pour les références valables.
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