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1/32 DIN Ramp/Soak Controllers

CN74000 Series

1/32 DIN Ramp and Soak Controllers | CN74000 Series

1/32 DIN Ramp and Soak Controllers

231,00 CN74030

Garantie 1 an CE
  • Large Dual Display
  • Autotune
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Universal Inputs
  • Peak/Valley Indication
  • Percent Ouput Indication
  • 16-Segment Ramp/Soak Function
  • Illuminated Keypad
  • Free Software


Find how a PID Controllers works on this link.

The CN74000 Series controllers set a new standard in 1/32 DIN power, flexibility, and value. Despite their small size, these controllers are loaded with features, including universal inputs, fuzzy logic, autotune, auto/manual capability, and 16-segment ramp and soak with adjustable time base. RS485 serial communication is optional.

Selectable Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage or DC current
Display: Two 4-digit, 7-segment, 6.35 mm high LEDs
Accuracy: ±0.25% of span, ±1 least significant digit
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac, nominal, +10, -15%, 50 to 400 Hz or 132 to 240 Vdc, nominal, +10, -20%
Power Consumption: 5 VA max
Operating Temperature: -10 to 55°C
Memory Backup: Non-volatile memory, no batteries required
Control Output Ratings:
    Relay: SPST, 3 A @ 240 Vac resistive; 1.5 A @ 240 Vac inductive
    DC Pulse (Non-Isolated): 5 Vdc @ 20 mA
Weight: 114 g
Front-Panel Rating: IP66
Panel Cut-Out: 45 x 22 mm
Maximum Panel Thickness: 6.35 mm
Panel Depth: 112 mm
Input Types Range
K Thermocouple -129 to 1371°C
J Thermocouple -73 to 871°C
T Thermocouple -212 to 398°C
E Thermocouple -73 to 982°C
N Thermocouple -73 to 1300°C
R Thermocouple -17 to 1760°C
S Thermocouple -17 to 1760°C
B Thermocouple 24 to 1820°C
L (J DIN) Thermocouple -73 to 871°C
C Thermocouple -17 to 2320°C
Pt100 RTD (0.00385) -200 to 875°C
Pt100 RTD (0.00392) -200 to 875°C
RTD, 120 Ω Nickel (0.00628) -80 to 320°C
RTD, Pt1000 (0.00385) -200 to 875°C
0 to 20 mA*, 4 to 20 mA* -1999 to 9999
0 to 10Vdc*, -10 to 10 Vdc*,
-10 to 10 mVdc*
-1999 to 9999
Note: All thermocouple and RTD inputs can be set for 0.1° display. If temperature goes above 999.9° or less than -199.9° the display will return to whole degree resolution.
* Process Input Types: The 0 to 20 mAdc, 4 to 20 mAdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, and 2 to 10 Vdc, inputs are fully scalable from a minimum of 100 counts span placed anywhere within the within the range of -1999 to 9999. Decimal point position is adjustable from the zero place (9999), tenths (999.9), hundredths (99.99), or thousandths (9.999).

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CN74030 Star
Stock: 5 semaines
Single Output, relay
CN74020-C4 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Single Output, relay. With RS485 comm's
CN74020 Star
Stock: 5 semaines
Single Output, DC pulse
CN74033-C4 Star
Stock: 6 semaines
Dual output, relay/relay. With RS485 comm's
CN74033 Star
Stock: 5 semaines
Dual output, relay/relay
CN74053-C4 Star
Stock: 6 semaines
Dual output, 4-20mA/relay. With RS485 comm's
CN74053 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Dual output, 4-20mA/relay
CN74123-C4 Star
Stock: En stock
Dual output, DC pulse/relay & alarm. With RS485 comm's
CN74123 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Dual output, DC pulse/relay, with alarm
CN74133 Star
Stock: 5 semaines
Dual output, relay/relay, with alarm
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Notez: Comes with complete operator's manual.
Exemple de commande: (1) CN74133 Dual output controller, two mechanical relays, one alarm, €258,00