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Dual Channel Autotune Temperature Controllers


Cryogenic Temperature Controllers | CYC325

Cryogenic Temperature Controllers

4 090,00 CYC325

Garantie 1 an CE
  • Operates Down to 1.2 K with Appropriate Sensors
  • 2 Sensor Inputs
  • Supports Diode, RTD, and Thermocouple Sensors
  • Sensor Excitation (Current Reversal Eliminates Thermal EMF Errors for Resistance Sensors)
  • 2 Autotuning Control Loops: 25 and 2 W Max
  • Control Loop 2: Variable Vdc source from 0 to 10 V Max
  • IEEE-488 and RS232C Interfaces
Mesure de supraconductivité et température de cryogénie - Voir Les Produits Associés


Click on this link if you need more information about Cryogenic temperature sensors.

The CY325 Series dual-channel temperature controller is capable of supporting nearly any diode, RTD, or thermocouple temperature sensor. Two independent PID control loops with heater outputs of 25 and 2 W are configured to drive either a 50 or 25 Ù load for optimal control flexibility. Designed with ease of use, functionality, and value in mind, the CYC325 Series is ideal for general-purpose laboratory and industrial temperature measurement and control applications.

Number of Inputs: 2
Input Configuration: Each input is factory configured for either diode/RTD or thermocouple
Isolation: Sensor inputs optically isolated from other circuits but not each other
A/D Resolution: 24-bit
Input Accuracy: Sensor dependent, refer to input specifications table
Measurement Resolution: Sensor dependent, refer to input specifications table
Max Update Rate: 10 rdg/s on each input (except 5 rdg/s on input A when configured as thermocouple)
Filter: Averages 2 to 64 input readings
Sensor Input Configuration Diode/RTD:
    Measurement Type: 4-lead differential
    Excitation: Constant current with current reversal for RTDs
    Supported Sensors: Diodes, silicon, GaAlAs; RTDs, 100 ΩPlatinum, 1000 Ω Platinum, germanium, carbon-glass, CernoxTM, and RoxTM
    Standard Curves: CY7 and CY670, PT-100, PT-1000, RX-102A, RX-202A
    Input Connector: 6-pin DIN
    Measurement: 2-lead, room temperature, compensated
    Excitation: N/A
    Supported Sensors: Most thermocouple types
    Standard Curves: Type E, Type K, TypeT, AuFe 0.07% vs Cr, AuFe 0.03% vs Cr
    Input Connector: Ceramic isothermal block

Control Loops: 2
Control Type: Closed loop digital PID with manual heater output or open loop
Tuning: Autotune (1 loop at a time), PID, PID zones
Control Stability: Sensor dependent, see input specification table
PID Control Settings:
    Proportional (Gain): 0 to 1000 with 0.1 setting resolution
    Integral (Reset): 1 to 1000 (1000/s) with 0.1 setting resolution
    Derivative (Rate): 1 to 200% with 1% resolution
Manual Output: 0 to 100% with 0.01% setting resolution
Zone Control: 10 temperature zones with P, I, D, manual heater out, and heater range
Setpoint Ramping: 0.1 K/min to 100 K/min
Safety Limits: Curve temperature, power up heater off, short circuit protection
Front Panel:
    Display: 2-line, 20-character, liquid crystal display with 5.5 mm (0.216") character height
    Number of Reading Displays: 1 to 4
    Display Units: K, °C, V, mV,
Reading Source: Temperature, sensor units
    Display Update Rate: 2 rdg/s
    Temp Display Resolution: 0.001° from 0 to 99.999°, 0.01° from 100 to 999.99°, 0.1° above 1000°
    Sensor Units Display Resolution: Sensor dependent; to 5 digits
    Other Displays: Setpoint, heater range, and heater output; user selected
Setpoint Setting Resolution: Same as display resolution (actual resolution is sensor dependent)
Heater Output Display: Numeric display in percent of full scale for power or current
Heater Output Resolution: 1%
Display Annunciators: Control input, remote, autotune
Keypad: 20-key membrane, numeric and specific functions
Front Panel Features: Front panel curve entry, keypad lock-out

IEEE-488 Interface Features: SH1, AH1, T5, L4, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT0, C0, E1
Reading Rate: To 10 rdg/s on each input
Software Support: LabVIEWTM driver; consult factory for availability
Serial Interface:
    Electrical Format: RS232C
    Baud Rates: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600
Connector: 9-pin D-style, DTE configuration
Reading Rate: To 10 rdg/s, each input

Ambient Temperature: 15 to 35 °C (59 to 95ºF) at rated accuracy, 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104ºF) at reduced accuracy
Power Requirement: Standard 120 Vac, optional 240 Vac, 6%, -10%, 50 or 60 Hz, 85 VA
Dimensions: 89 H x 216 W x 368 mm D (3.5 x 8.5 x 14.5"), half rack
Weight: 4.00 kg (8.82 lb)
Approval: CE mark

Input Specifications
 Sensor Temp CoefficientInput RangeExcitation Current Display Resolution Measurement Resolution Electronic Accuracy (at 25°C) Electronic Control Stability1
Diode Negative 0 to 2.5 V 10 µA
100 µV 0.4 µV ±80 µV
of rdg
±20 µV
Diode Negative 0 to 7.5 V 10 µA
100 µV 10 µV ±80 µV
of rdg
±40 µV
PTC RTD Positive 0 to 500ø 1 mA4 10 mø 2 mø ±0.004ø
of rdg
±4 mø
PTC RTD Positive 0 to 5000ø 1 mA4 100 mø 20 mø ±0.004ø
of rdg
±40 mø
NTC RTD Negative 0 to 7500ø 10 µA ±0.05% 100 mø 40 mø ±0.1ø
of rdg
±80 mø
Thermocouple Positive ±25 mV N/A 1 µV 0.4 µV ±1 µV
of rdg5
±0.8 µV
Thermocouple Positive ±50 mV NA 1 µV 20 µV ±1 µV
of rdg5
±0.8 µV
1 Control stability of the electronics only, in ideal thermal system
2 Current source error has negligible effect on measurement accuracy
3 Diode input excitation can be set to 1 mA
4 Current source error is removed during calibration
5 Accuracy specification does not include errors from room temperature compensation
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CYC325 Star
4 090,00
Stock: 1 semaine
2 diode/RTD inputs
CYC325-T1 Star
4 230,00
Stock: 7 semaines
1 diode/RTD, 1 thermocouple input
CYC325-T2 Star
4 370,00
Stock: 1 semaine
2 thermocouple inputs
CYC-6201 Star
Stock: 7 semaines
1 m (3.3' long) IEEE-488 (GPIB) computer interface cable assembly
Stock: 7 semaines
Instrument recalibration with certificate, no points
Stock: 7 semaines
Instrument recalibration with certificate and data
CYC-RM-1/2 Star
Stock: 7 semaines
Rack mount kit for mounting one 1/2 rack temperature controller in 482.60 mm (19") rack, 90 mm (3.5") high
CYC-RM-2 Star
Stock: 7 semaines
Rack mount kit for mounting two 1/2 rack temperature controllers in 482.60 mm (19") rack, 135 mm (5.25") high
CYC-106-009 Star
Stock: 7 semaines
Heater output connector, dual banana jack
CYC-106-233 Star
Stock: 7 semaines
6-pin male input connector
CYC-106-735 Star
Stock: 7 semaines
Terminal block, 2-pin
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Notez: Comes with heater output connector (dual banana jack), sensor input mating connector (6-pin DIN plugs), terminal block (2-pin), power cord and operator’s manual.
Add suffix "-240" for 240 Vac power supply, no additional cost.