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Soil Moisture Data Logger - Discontinued


 | OM-CP-SMR101A

267,00 OM-CP-SMR101A-KIT

5 ans de garantie
  • High Accuracy Sensor
  • Fast Response Time
  • Simple Soil Insertion (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Weatherproof Enclosure (Included)
  • No External Power Required
  • Multiple Start/Stop Function
  • Ultra High Speed Download
  • 1 Million Reading Storage Capacity
  • Memory Wrap
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Optional Password Protection
  • Programmable Alarm
  • Field Upgradeable


The OM-CP-SMR101A model has been discontinued. Please see the HSM50 series as a possible alternative or contact our Data Acquisition Engineering department.

The OM-CP-SMR101A is a small, battery powered, soil moisture data logger in a weatherproof enclosure. It provides accurate volumetric water content measurements over a complete range from dry to saturated. The OM-CP-SMR101A has a 10-year battery for long-term deployments and soil studies, over multiple seasons. It also features a 4 Hz reading rate, a multiple start/ stop function, ultra-high speed download capability, 1,000,000 reading storage capacity, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator, optional password protection, and more.

The OM-CP-SMR101A comes with the OM-CP-SMRPROBE, a high accuracy soil moisture probe (pictured above), with a response time of 10 ms, that can be used in all soil types. For easy soil moisture analysis and trend information, our user friendly software provides a time and date stamped graph. This data may be viewed, printed or exported to third-party programs (Excel, etc) for more detailed analysis and irrigation management. Soil moisture data is essential in determining and scheduling irrigation for proper plant growth, care and research. This data is also useful in determining the health of the soil and plant root systems. The storage medium is non-volatile solid state memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged.

Range: ±1200 mV
Accuracy ±0.01% FSR
Input Range: 0 to 2.5 Vdc
Measurement Range: 0 to 100% VWC saturation
Measurement Type: VWC (Volumetric Water Content)
Measurement Accuracy: ±3% typical, all soils ±1%
with soil specific calibration
Measurement Time: 10 ms
Measurement Resolution: 0.002m3/m3
Life Expectancy: 3 to 5 years

General specifications
Reading Rate: 4 Hz to 1 every 24 hr
Memory: 1,000,000 readings; software configurable memory wrap;
330,000 readings in multiple start/stop
Wrap Around: Yes
Start Modes:
Immediate start
Delay start up to 24 months
Multiple pushbutton start/stop
Stop Modes:
Manual through software
Timed (specific date and time)
Multiple Start/Stop Mode: Start and stop the device multiple times without
having to download data or communicate with a PC
Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation:
To Start the Device:
  Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the green LED will flash during this time;
  the device has started logging
To Stop the Device:
  Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the red LED will flash for three seconds
  and then the green LED will flash for two seconds; the device has stopped logging
Real Time Recording: The device may be used with PC to monitor and record data in real-time
LED Functionality:
  Green LED Blinks:
  10 second rate to indicate logging, 15 second rate to indicate delay start mode
  Red LED Blinks:
  10 second rate to indicate low battery and/or full memory
Password Protection: An optional password may be programmed into the device to restrict access
to configuration options; data may be read out without the password
Engineering Units: Native measurement units can be scaled to display
measurement units of another type
Battery Type: 3.6V lithium battery included; user replaceable
Battery Life: 10 months typical at a 1 minute reading rate
Time Accuracy: ±1 minute/month (at 20ºC/68ºF, stand alone data logging)
Computer Interface: USB (interface cable required); 115,200 baud
Software: XP SP3/Vista/7 and 8 (32- and 64-bit)
IP Rating: IP65
Operating Environment: -20 to 50ºC (-4 to 122ºF), 0 to 95% RH non-condensing

  Data Logger: 36 H x 64 W x 16 mm D (1.4 x 2.5 x 0.6")
  Probe: 55 L x 15 W x 1.5 mm diameter (2.1 x 0.6 x 0.06")
  Cable Length: 5 m (16')
  Water Box: 74 H x 148 W x 39 mm D (2.9 x 5.8 x 1.5")
Weight (OM-CP-SMR101-KIT): 198 g (7 oz)
  Data Logger: ABS plastic
  Waterbox: Black Anodized Aluminum
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Soil moisture data logger with OM-CP-SMRPROBE probe, and OM-CP-WATERBOX101A weatherproof enclosure
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Maintenance kit for OM-CP-WATERBOX101A
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Notez: Comes complete with 3.6V lithium battery, OM-CP-SMRPROBE, and OM-CP-WATERBOX101A. Operator’s manual and USB interface cable are included with the OM-CP-IFC200 software/cable package (required for data logger operation, sold separately).
Exemple de commande: (1) OM-CP-SMR101A-KIT Soil moisture data logger with OM-CP-SMRPROBE probe, and OM-CP-WATERBOX101A weatherproof enclosure, €267,00  plus (1) OM-CP-SMRPROBE Replacement soil moisture probe (only), €120,00, €267,00 + 120,00 = €387,00