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INTERNATIONAL+33 01 57 32 48 17

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Paperless Recorder

RD8900 Series

RD8900 Series Paperless Recorder | RD8900 Series

RD8900 Series Paperless Recorder

2 300,00 RD8901

Garantie 1 an CE
  • Up to 18 Isolated Analog Inputs
  • 6.1" Color TFT Display
  • Plug & Play I/O Cards, 6 Slots
  • User Friendly with Bar Graph, Numerical, Vertical or Horizontal Trend Display
  • Auto LCD Shut Off via Infrared Detector, Prolongs Life and Saves Power
  • Ethernet Interface Standard with RS232/422/485 Optional
  • Windows Graphical Software Standard and Optional Software for Real Time View
  • Portable Benchtop Option
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The OMEGA® RD8900 Series paperless recorder offers real time display of data in a variety of formats on a high resolution (VGA) color TFT display. The user friendly unit with plug & play cards can easily be set to monitor, record, and evaluate any application. The user can access data on the screen, as well as from a remote site via the standard ethernet or optional RS233/422/485 serial interface. The historical data may be stored in a flash ROM, compact flash card, or collected in a remote host PC for evaluation and print out. The unit's compact size saves space and requires less than 7" behind a panel.

Type Range Accuracy @25°C Input Impedance
J-120 to 1000°C
(-184 to 1832°F)
±1°C2.2 MΩ
K-200 to 1370°C
(-328 to 2498°F)
±1°C2.2 MΩ
T-250 to 400°C
(-418 to 752°F)
±1°C2.2 MΩ
E-100 to 900°C
(-148 to 1652°F)
±1°C2.2 MΩ
B0 to 1820°C
(32 to 3308°F)
(200 to 1820°C)
2.2 MΩ
R0 to 1767.8°C
(32 to 3214°F)
±2°C2.2 MΩ
S0 to 1767.8°C
(32 to 3214°F)
±2°C2.2 MΩ
N-250 to 1300°C
(-418 to 2372°F)
±1°C2.2 MΩ
L200 to 900°C
(-328 to 1652°F)
±1°C2.2 MΩ
-210 to 700°C
(-346 to 1292°F)
±0.4°C1.3 KΩ
-200 to 600°C
(-328 to 1112°F)
±0.4°C1.3 KΩ
mV-8 to 70 mV±0.05%2.2 MΩ
mA-3 to 27 mA±0.05%70.5 Ω
0~1V-0.12 to 1.15 V±0.05%32 KΩ
0~5V-1.3 to 11.5 V±0.05%332 KΩ
1~5V-1.3 to 11.5 V±0.05%332 KΩ
0~10V-1.3 to 11.5 V±0.05%332 KΩ

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Code d'article/ Desc.
RD8901 Star
2 300,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 1 input, color, 5 spare I/O slots
RD8902 Star
2 340,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 2 input, color, 5 spare I/O slots
RD8903 Star
2 340,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 3 input, color, 5 spare I/O slots
RD8904 Star
2 545,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 4 input, color, 4 spare I/O slots
RD8905 Star
2 605,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 5 input, color, 4 spare I/O slots
RD8906 Star
2 645,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 6 input, color, 4 spare I/O slots
RD8909 Star
2 950,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 9 input, color, 3 spare I/O slots
RD8912 Star
3 255,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 12 input, color, 2 spare I/O slots
RD8915 Star
3 460,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 15 input, color, 1 spare I/O slot
Cliquez pour agrandir / réduire une liste d'achat connexeRD8918
RD8918 Star
3 660,00
Stock: 13 semaines
Recorder, 18 input, color, no spare I/O slots
Options (Field Installable in Spare I/O Slots, One Slot Required for Each Item)
RD8900-RS Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Communications Card RS232/422/485
RD8900-AI3 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Analog input card, three channels
RD8900-DI6 Star
Stock: 13 semaines
Digital input card, six inputs
RD8900-DO6 Star
Stock: 13 semaines
Digital output card, six relays/alarms
RD8900-TPS Star
Stock: 7 semaines
Transmitter Power Supply (24Vdc 180 mA)
RD8900-BPS Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Kit to convert to benchtop style
RD8900-MATH Star
Stock: 13 semaines
RD8900-SW2 Star
Stock: 1 semaine
Software, real time graphical via comm port
Tous les Montants indiqués Dans EUR
Notez: Units come complete with operator's manual, panel mounting brackets, basic observer software for non-communication application and 16MB flash card.
Recorder offers ethernet interface as standard.
To include RS232/422/485 communications add “-RS” suffix and add $145 to price. Feature may be field installed by ordering RD8900-RS.
To include counter/totalizer math functions add “-MATH” suffix and $270 to price.
To operate on DC power add “-DC12” (for 11 to 18 Vdc) or “-DC24” (for 18-36 Vdc) suffix, no additional charge Standard software provided with recorder supports transfer of data and recorder configuration only via the memory card. User must have a memory card reader (not provided) connected with the host computer. The data may be read, analyzed, printed or transferred via an Excel type file to another application. The RD8900-SW2 allows above, plus supports real time monitoring and configuration via the communications port. Software is Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP compatible.